Marriage. People say its wonderful. But take from a guy with 40 wives, it ain't! Wait, 40 wives!? How the fuck did I get there? wow...anyways.

Granted the woman woves you, there's one hell of a downside. She's only marrying you so you'll stick yer hotdog up her ass. Speaking of hotdogs, I could really go for an Oshcer Myers. With a little relish and ketchup. Ooh! Ooh! Or maybe a corndog!

Anyways, back to the marriage thing. She married you to get layed. But you married her to have a cook. But she won't do that! And don't get me started on after the first 3 years! Then she doesn't even want to get layed! Either she wants kids, or always complains. And then they will want a divorce! So then you gotta pay for a laser and child support and blablablabla...!

So is marriage good? No! Not really, unless yer prep